Link to Student Registration/Application


Entrance Requirements
Students of the HHP Program must be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or the equivalent. 
Registration Fee of only $50.
The student must have access to a computer, internet and email.
The student will need a CD/DVD player or player on the computer.
A massage table would be useful for some of the treatments but not necessary.
It is important that the student has a quiet place to study
Student Application/Registration
Pertinent information and contact information.
A photo of applicant (photocopy of driver’s license acceptable).
Proof of high school/GED completion or higher education transcripts or diploma – please do not send the original, send a photocopy.




Student Registration (Link above or our Catalog has registration form)

Please complete the application carefully and thoroughly by printing clearly or typing.
Respectfully, Nancy Barnes - CHH Director

You may send your application to our email address:
By Registering the Applicant acknowledges and agrees to the terms of

Registration and Tuition as stated in our Catalog

Please include $50 for registration via check/paypal

Once your registration/application is accepted you will receive a contract and payment information.